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Increase your potential sales and your commission payout by 20% when you complete these simple daily tasks!



We are all in business for ourselves but we are not in business by ourselves. Connecting with a thriving community of other motivated Entrepreneurs is critical to your success. Our Facebook community allows everyone to stay informed, connected and up-to-date. Click the button below to Join our Facebook group.

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Payment Proof!


Every time you receive a payment you will receive a banner stating that you have a payment on the way 🙂
You must post this banner in our FB group with a short message, on Your Storyline and send a video or message and picture about the payment you received to: admin@successfulsolutionmethod.com

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Trainings are important for your success. This is how you find out what's missing and how to have a ton of light bulb moments! When you attend the training's and apply what you learn you will put your business on steroids! In addition, you will also learn the skills that allow you to have a sustainable long term business.

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Weekly Webinars


You must attend weekly webinars! We will conduct a weekly webinar that will last for 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you can not attend you can have someone attend in your place. Click the button below to register for our weekly webinars held every Wednesday @7pm EST. (for prospects only)

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Traffic Packages


You must maintain a traffic package in order to qualify for an increased commission rate. Traffic is the life of your business. When your traffic is low we'll send you an email notification and/or text message informing you that it is time to order traffic another package. In order to keep the momentum building in your business you want to stay consistent with traffic packages.

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